Loading up: Petula’s special Agave, Dyckia and Aloe pulls at San Marcos Growers. Call or email us for details or for a field report.  We will be back at San Marcos next week and can hand-pick your specimens.

High Mileage

Five states in three days, some 3,000+ miles and about a hundred cups of coffee. Last week, Team Petula saw everything from shoulder-high snow to sweaty 80 degree sun as we traversed the West Coast on the lookout for new and novel plants to deliver to your doorstep. The road has provided us with time and space for big dreams about the world of plant possibilities and we’d love to stop by and share our stories and reports from the field.

Our travels this week took us to San Marcos Growers in Santa Barbara and we are excited to announce that we’ll be stopping by there this week for another round of pickups. San Marcos grows some of the most unique plant material in the country.  Their avail is not for the faint of heart!  We consider most of this material to be landscape-quality for NW standards, but this is a chance to find some very unusual plants to expand and enrich your stock.

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