Above: Rainbow’s end. A treasure trove of succulents in the greenhouses at Monterey Bay Nursery in Royal Oaks, CA.


Pinch us, but doesn’t it finally feel like spring? Sunny daffs trumpet and the first cotton candy clusters on the pears and cherries burst, but there’s something special about that charmed neon green of any ol’ perennial Euphorbia to make you feel very lucky to see another primavera in the great Pacific Northwest.

Premier Color is on the docket this week, loaded with blooming Freesia, Calendula Argyranthemum and Gerberas, plus big, beautiful Foxgloves.

Please note: the Petula Truck minimum has shifted to $750 in plant material for Western Washington and Oregon. Space on the truck is limited and product in California moves fast, so order early to save your plants and your spot onboard.

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