New horizons. Scoping out new growers in Santa Barbara.

Snow to Sun (and back!)

So, we’re feeling just a little bit guilty telling you that we had to do a pick up in Santa Barbara last week. Dodging the freeze and snowy passes was no easy task, but there were some perks. Near constant California sun means all of those spectacular succulents, beautiful broadleafs and fancy foliage continue to flourish, even when we have to apply the brakes due to the vicissitudes of February in the Northwest. 

New this week: The Good Earth has added some cool cactus to their list in one gallonsdon’t miss them. Grevilleas, Leptospermum, Cordylines and Phormium are coming on strong at Monterey Bay as well.  We’ve got #15 Variegated Tupidanthus (aka Schefflera) on our Petula Foliage avail, which are big and bold.

We’ve added two Oregon stops for this week: Little Prince and Xera Plants.  Take a look at the avails and take advantage!

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