Hard to pick just one!  A rainbow of succulents and containers at Barrels & Branches Nursery in Encinitas, CA.  

April’s Apex

Sun or not, spring is here and April leads us to May.  So maybe it’s a little cool and wet, but buds are bursting into bright, blinding color and our truck is running weekly to bring the prime and the peak to you!  Check out our picks for the week below.

Bonus stops this week: Olive Hill, West Coast Nurseries, Little Prince of Oregon & Xera Plants

April 24th Availabilities for week of May 1st Delivery

Echeveria ‘Black Knight’ at The Good Earth Nursery

Bidens ‘Bee Alive’ at Premier Color Nursery

 Pleioblastus viridistriatus at Monterey Bay Nursery