Edmonds or bust!  Truckload number one of Petula plants bound for our Test Garden at Hazel Miller Plaza.  We planted the garden this week, working alongside the City of Edmonds’ Parks and Rec Department and with lots of volunteer help from the Edmonds Floretum Garden Club.  Visit the garden at 5th & Maple (Old Milltown) this summer to check on its progress.

Fire it up!

Barbecues, beaches and bonfires: it’s Memorial Day Weekend and things are definitely heating up.  In Petula’s world, it’s more like Torch Lilies, Firesticks and Coppertone blazing with color, but we’ll take the heat wherever we can get it!

Our pix are short and sweet this week, but there’s a world of hot plants to choose from when you open each avail.  Need tailored suggestions?  Email or give us a call (360-344-2569).

Space on the Petula truck is limited.  Order early to reserve your spot.

Bonus stops this week: West Coast, Little Prince of Oregon & Xera Plants

Availabilities for delivery week of June 5th

Begonia ‘Unstoppable Fire’ – Premier Color Nursery

Euphorbia tirucalli (Firesticks) – The Good Earth Nsy

Canna ‘Lucifer’ at Monterey Bay Nurseries