Four Winds Growers



our Winds is a fourth-generation family owned and operated citrus nursery.  In the 1940s, Four Winds’ founder developed the world’s first dwarf citrus trees.  Today, the nursery offers more than 60 varieties of citrus, including a selection of rare and unusual varieties.  They also specialize in edible ornamentals like figs, olives, avocados, berries, and pomegranates.  Carefully hand-grafted, Four Winds’ citrus trees are well-suited to growing in containers or as houseplants.  

Located in Watsonville & Winters, CA

Use Four Winds Growers to provide your customers with premier quality citrus.  Sizes range from gift-worthy dwarf varieties in colorful 8” pots, to large boxed specimens, often laden with blooms and fruit.  Other popular edible ornamentals are available seasonally.  Check out Four Winds’ website for variety images & information and growing tips.

Watch Four Winds Growers’s availability for the following specialty products:

colored 8 inch

Dwarf citrus in 8” colored pots


Improved Meyer Lemons

kaffir lime-print

Kieffer, Bearss, Key and Australian Finger Limes


Kumquats & Calamondins

citrus buddhas hand

Yuzu & Buddha’s Hand


 Variegated citrus plants



pomengranate wonderful

Pomegranates & Persimmons