Test Garden 2017

November beauty,’Graptoveria ‘Fred Ives’ in our Edmonds Petula Test Garden.

Succulents, going the distance

It may be mid-November, but check out the grandeur and tenacity of some of these succulent selections in our Pacific NW gardens. These bold beauties have outshined and outlasted most of their annual and perennial companions far into fall and will continue to do so until a hard frost (or maybe a beheading for propagation; note the pruners!). Below: Aeonium ‘Sunburst, and Aeonium ‘Cyclops’ & ‘Mint Saucer.’

Have you visited the garden yet?

Petula Test Garden is at the Hazel Miller Plaza in downtown Edmonds, WA.  The garden is located in a community setting so it is easy to browse through the plant displays while enjoying a coffee, gelato or even lunch at one of the nearby cafes.

Much thought has gone into the displays here. We’ve considered plant performance, structural and color pairings as well as the desire to simply trial a plant here in our Pacific NW climate. Our goal is to find plants that ulitimately will end up in Northwest gardens.  

Downloadable plant list (Excel)

The Petula Test Garden is located at Hazel Miller Plaza (5th & Maple) in Edmonds, WA.  Click here for directions



This project is in conjunction with the City of Edmonds Parks & Recreation  Department.

A special thanks to the Edmonds Floretum Garden Club for their help on planting day.